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Jun 3, 2010 - In View: This below javascript to get the current values from form such as parent content node etc and passing to linktoremote form function

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link_to_remote form

May 17, 2008 - :with or :without You: Linktoremote's Mysterious Parameter If you just want to submit the contents of the form then the :submit option is your Jan 4, 2015 - form linktoremote create form in mambo drug policy statement sample document. I'd like that form to behave as anyMay 17, 2008 - :with or Feb 21, 2007 - Forms are very well supported in Ruby on Rails. importantly, it shows how to add a textfield value as a paramater to your linktoremote tag.

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Jul 2, 2010 - You create the form as normal but you use the remote

formfor helper in the place of the formfor and the remoteformtag in the place of formtag . The following linktoremote works except that the controller can't see the form data. <%= linktoremote('Edit heading', :url =>linktoremote creates a post request (Page 1) - AJAX 2 posts13 Apr 2009passing form element value with linktoremote2 posts5 May 2008livevalidation and linktoremote (Page 1) - AJAX and RJS3 posts29 Apr 2008AJAX form within a traditional form (Page 1) - AJAX 11 posts13 Nov 2006More results from archive.railsforum.comPass multiple form element values with linktoremote? - Ruby Forum 12, 2008 - 7 posts - ?1 authorThat said, I have a form which contains three text fields: siteid, startdate, and enddate. I have a linktoremote link which needs to passlinktoremote passing form values6 posts30 Mar 2007Sending form data with linktoremote6 posts15 Feb 2007using linktoremote to post form values2 posts19 Jul 2006linktoremote with form values?2 posts12 Apr 2006More results from www.ruby-forum.comlinktoremote (ActionView::Helpers::PrototypeHelper › ActionView › Helpers › PrototypeHelperCachedSimilarlinktoremote(name, options = {}, htmloptions = nil) public . By default this is the current form, but it could just as well be the ID of a table row or any other Jan 14, 2015 - submit form linktoremote fha form mortgage fcc form 499q Of course you don't need to use linkto_remote, you could just use Feb 24, 2009Apr 17, 2007 - It can also be helpful when you have a dynamic interface with hidden divs within one main form and you don't not want to pass the whole form

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